About Wealth Distribution Strategies...

The Client Experience

Meeting with an advisor at Wealth Distribution Strategies, LLC is all about you, our client. It is about developing a financial strategy that will assist you in meeting your goals. Whether you are just starting out and wanting to save for a new home or your child's education; or you are in the middle of your journey and wanting to plan for retirement; or you are already retired and want to make sure your investments are working for you, having a strategy is important.

Here's what you can expect from the advisors and staff at Wealth Distribution Strategies, LLC as we partner to develop your personalized financial strategy.

  • Initial Meeting
    This meeting is designed for you to inform your financial advisor about your current situation and the lifestyle goals which you are working to achieve. At this meeting we will use our Data Form to guide our conversation and make sure we have a good understanding of your goals and objectives.

  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis
    This is an educational process which we organize in a binder to go through the many components of your analysis. The analysis includes:

    • Financial Profile - We review your lifestyle goals, income sources, insurance, benefits, investment accounts, and assumptions on taxes and inflation.

    • Asset Allocation - We review your current household allocation in comparison to a target allocation based on a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. We also use Morningstar analytics to educate you on your current holdings and discuss strategies to reduce risk and/or enhance potential returns.

    • Retirement - We help you determine if you are on pace to meet your retirement goals through three different methods, including a Monte Carlo Analysis. We also discuss how pensions, Social Security, other income sources, and taxes will impact your ability to have a successful retirement.

    • Survivor Needs - Many people have life insurance, but do you have the correct amount? Based on your individual goals, we can help you determine an appropriate amount and type of insurance to best meet your needs.

    • Long-Term Care Needs - Have you considered how you may pay for expenses related to a long-term care experience? There are many different ways to approach this often overlooked retirement expense; we help you navigate the options.

    • Action Items - Strategies and ideas to enhance your situation are discussed. This includes potential investment allocation changes, Roth conversion strategies, and establishing a retirement income plan.

  • Implementation of Strategies
    Acting on the strategies is the next step on your path to meeting your retirement lifestyle goals. We help you prioritize and act on the strategies that we believe will enhance your odds of successfully meeting all of your goals.

  • Assigning You a Client Relationship Manager
    Once you become a client, we assign you a Client Relationship Manager to assist your financial advisor with all service aspects of your accounts. They are the first point of contact for any questions or service requests and scheduling of appointments.

  • Account Binder
    We have developed an account binder to keep all of your account statements and other important financial information neat and organized. This can be a great tool for you, but also something to help your family find all of your important documents if something ever happened to you. We update this for you as your situation changes and help you determine which important documents to keep.

  • Online Account Access
    Working with your Client Relationship Manager, we help you register for online access to view your accounts, holdings, values, and performance through www.cirstatements.com. This online access also has the ability to link your external accounts, such as employer retirement accounts, so you can view all of your investment accounts in one place. Linking the external accounts also allows your financial advisor to see a more complete financial picture.

  • Ongoing Reviews
    Upon becoming a client we will establish a regular periodic review schedule based on your situation. At these reviews, we will discuss the performance of your accounts, suggest changes to investment allocations, changes to your situation or goals, and any other strategies to enhance your situation. We also update your analysis on a regular basis to ensure we are making progress towards our goals.

  • Client Events
    Annually, we host social events for clients to enhance their relationship with Wealth Distribution Strategies, LLC . We also host several education events to provide opportunities to gain additional information on specific items related to your financial situation.